I got to this months goal of 21.9% which is a loss of 4%, to tell you the truth I was totally amazed, I thought I would miss out by just a fraction so had braced myself for the “bad” news, but low and behold those lunchtime runs have paid off and I made it! So stoked!

All in all ive had a great week both training and nutrition wise, had to do some quick planning when one night I forgot to call in at the supermarket and pick up my chicken, so all we had for protein in the house was tuna (ick), protein shake (however it contains a small amount of carbs, and I dont call it dinner) and eggs, so for dinner I had one egg and 5 egg whites .. super exciting *not*, so I definitely remembered to go and pick up the chicken on my way home the next night.

On the topic of food .. chicken breast was on special this week for $10.99 a kg, so I now have 6 kilos of chicken sitting in the fridge waiting for me to finish this blog and de skin and portion it up into meal sized chunks and freeze, who said weekends were all about fun? 😉

Today I trained with Jo, it was both awesome and awful. No one knows me as well as her, except maybe Nessy, so she pushed me beyond my limit, lets just say there were an awful lot of squeaks (which is a Julia version of a grunt) and even more instances of Julia saying the naughty F word everytime Jo said .. “five more Julia” when I had reached in my opinion reached my limit.

We have made some decisions about my training in relation to supplementation so im quite excited, this 18 weeks till competition day is going to fly by! Gosh so many things to do and what will turn out to be so little time – music, choreography, bikini, hair, makeup .. I think I will just try and push it to the back of my mind so it doesnt seem so daunting .. one little thing at a time.

So I’m aiming for another 4% loss this month .. aim big I always say! If you strive for something out of your reach it will ensure you work hard, and even if you fail, you should still do better than you would have if you aimed lower.

Right .. I can here a little person has woken from his nap, so till next time xox

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