So close, yet so far

74.4 kgs

So close, but yet so far from the elusive 1 kgs loss I like to aim for each week. But a loss is a loss, so one must not complain and 800 grams is nothing to be ashamed of.

As you may have noticed this weeks photo Im actually dressed in street clothes, thought it might make a nice change of scenery as it doesnt happen often, I dont even look like this when I go to work as I usually go there in jeans or shorts and a t-shirt, however I thought I would make an effort for Isabelle’s birthday party which we had this morning at home. (More birthday news will be on the main blog page and on Issy’s page after tomorrow, which is her actual birthday).

Training is going well, last week was pretty tiring as I was staying up late to get stuff done for Issys birthday and then getting up early to go to the gym .. so burning the candle at both ends certainly took its toll by the end of the week! But the work is paying off as I’m starting to be able to fit into some clothes that I previously couldnt, which is opening up my wardrobe options! Unfortunately im in between sizes, so I need to lose just a little more to fit into a smaller size comfortably, but I will get there.

Also last post I miscalculated and I have 19 weeks from today .. 19 weeks! I see Jo on Friday for my measurements so hopefully its a decent drop, I dont think I have lost enough weight for the percentage I want, but Im hopeful that I’m at least close to it!

My training partner didnt have a great weigh in this week, so after a hug and a chat we are all good to go hard this week to hopefully shock her body into getting back in line!

Anyway, till next time xox

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