It’s out!

The NZFBB calender was published today .. D day is 5th June 2010 which is a mere 19 weeks away … eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

At the moment, im both scared and excited, actually so scared I jumped on the crosstrainer for a cardio session before bed lol .. im sure 17 kgs in 19 weeks is achievable, but it doesnt stop me from being worried.

So the official countdown can begin and the calender has a big red ring around the “special date” the great thing about the date is that its actually before Elias’ 1st birthday, so I could even get to partake in cake at his party, unless I qualify for the Nationals then I will probably be dieting again *sigh* oh well we shall cross that bridge if we get to it.

On a less scary note, I wanted to show you my saving grace in this sickening heat Auckland has been having (which is a good thing, just not when you are trying to run on a treadmill), its my huge fan that I managed to find at Mitre 10, they had actually sold out, but they let me take the one that was on the floor, its a tad battered, but it does the job, in fact we have only had it on number one as any higher than that its like being in a wind tunnel.

Training has been awesome .. loving having a training partner again, its definately helping with the amount of weight im lifting, although im still behind what I used to lift when I was training, but ive been out of action for nearly three years so these things take time and I have to remember to be patient.

Lavinia and I have planned the week around her appointment with Jo and Isabelle’s first birthday, she is quietly confident about what her results will be this week, she promises me that she has even been eating well (and thankfully her son is her food police).

The fat mums all seem to be screaming along on their weight loss journeys, its awesome to hear them talk about their plans and the things that they are doing to help them lose weight and change their lives. I don’t think I can talk any of them into bodybuilding though.

Right .. its 10 pm and I have to get out of bed at 4.30 am to get to the gym so that I can burn off some fatness before work tommorrow, during the day Ive got to go to do some things for work at the other end of Parnell, so I will throw on a pair of sneakers and power walk up there, that should get me an extra 30 minutes of “cardio” during the day, then its back to the gym for back (which I hate training btw) and then home for chicken thanks to Mr George Foreman (bloody brilliant invention that George Foreman grill!). And that is on top of the usual Mummy duties which include being a climbing frame for Miss nearly two year old lol.

Anyway I best head off to the land of nod xox

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