Another single

75.2 kgs

Well the one down refers to my weight, one kg since last week, although last week because of AF I but on .2, so in reality Ive only lost 1 kg in the last two weeks, so an average of 500 grams, which is ok but I’m not sure its enough to keep me on track.

I’m still impatiently waiting for the NZFBB to publish the 2010 contest calender so that I have an idea of when I need to be ready, but all the other competitors are in the same boat so I can’t complain too loudly.

My weight training is going really well now that I have someone there each day to push me, praise me and laugh at me when I’m being a softie. Actually I just like the idea of having someone there so that if I fail I shouldn’t kill myself by dropping a bar on my head.

Cardio has been steady but nothing out of the ordinary .. I havent even run this week (my legs are knackered!), but I did the spin bike and hill intervals on the treadmill as well as the crosstrainer. I even managed to get one late night cardio session done (on the crosstrainer – not a the “special” night time cardio session some of you were thinking of!)

I have to plan out this weeks training and double up on some days as next weekend a special little girl I know turns two, so Saturday is morning tea with friends and Sunday will be lunch with the extended whanau (as Issys grandad shares his birthday with her, so its a combined lunch).

I can hardly believe I have a nearly two year old .. it just seems like yesterday we were bringing this little screaming non believer in sleep home, at least now (thankfully) she sleeps more and cries less, but we would be completely lost without her she is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes, and much better entertainment than tv!

Anyway, I have loads of Mummy chores to do .. baking, sewing, cleaning .. all the usual things, so I better go and get them done.

Till next time xox

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