It’s here!

My crosstrainer arrived today.  I had to ring around to find it, but finally located it at the home removal depot of Allied Pickfords, apparently the commercial division had dropped it off there on Friday, but didnt leave any address for the home delivery part, so it was just sitting there .. all homeless!  *sigh* anyway its here now.

I won the crosstrainer on Trade Me, it cost all of $51.00 (however, I did pay to have it shipped up from Christchurch), of course it was a bargain because there is obviously a flaw with it .. and the problem is that I have to use the crosstrainer on level 16 or it pedal makes a clunk noise, no biggie for now, but I will get around to having it looked at when Ive saved up a bit of money, its useable and its probably a blessing in disguise for me as I tend to like to use level two. Oh and the crosstrainer is in the photo on the left hand side of the photo.

Lavinia and I trained back tonight, it was a really good workout!  I think we both tried just that little bit harder and pushed ourselves to lift just that little bit more than we would normally lift.  It’s so much easier having someone there for you to help you get out those last two reps, or even to make you do another two reps when you think you are done.  It’s also nice to have someone to chat about your day with, the gym can be a pretty boring place when your training alone, looking at eye candy only takes up so much time, especially as our gym is pretty lean in the eye candy department, luckily I have my own eye candy at home!

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