Life after the challenge

It’s been five weeks since the 10 week Ludus Transformation Challenge finished and I ended the challenge sitting at 17% body fat.  Which was a loss of 6% which equates to a 26% overall loss. *big thumbs up*

After four weeks of the challenge officially ending (and much toing , froing and outright ignoring the participants queries) the winners were finally announced.  I’m not sure what the problem was if it was just a straight forward mathematical equation then they would have known almost immediately who had taken out the prizes but I can only hazard a guess that they were waiting for Joe (founder of Ludus) to get back from one of his many overseas trips.

At the beginning of the challenge we were told the winners would be based on the biggest percentage of percentage lost which evens out the playing field as a smaller person doesn’t have to lose as much a bigger person.   If competitors ended the challenge with the exact same percentage the judges would take the before and after photos into account along your “community spirit” – which seemed like a fair tie breaker.

I don’t want to go too in depth, but looking at the numbers it didn’t quite work out that way.  However I will say that Nat (who was announced as the womens winner) is awesome and she worked (quite literally) her arse off.

For the full winners list, check the Ludus Magnus newsletter here

Although it’s disappointing I didn’t win and take out a years free membership, as it means I can’t train at Ludus anymore for financial reasons.   I can’t not be thankful for deciding to sign up as not only am I carrying much less fat (making life generally easier) it’s completely reinvigorated me and I’m exploring far more activities that I never would have made the time for previously.

So I guess I transformed in more ways than just the physical!

Speaking of physical – five weeks after the challenge ending not much has changed – I’m lighter and leaner but not by a significant amount and I only checked because I asked Mr P.T to fat test me prior to Christmas and for us to catch up for a re-test in the New Year.

I’m hoping that I won’t  get “festively plump” knowing that Mr P.T is going to see underneath clothing that I can usually hide all the additional steam pudding and scorched almond calories with.

I mean he is still hot (in fact he seems to get hotter every year – how do males do that – they get out of child birth AND get hotter with age?!?!)  I know I know, I’m off track again .. What I’m getting at is, who wants an attractive man to see their newly acquired fat gut? .. not me that’s for sure!

I’m guessing that the running I’m doing now will help AND Mum is going to visit my brother from Boxing day right through till the 24th of January so there won’t be much steam pudding floating around the place since she’s the only person in our house who can make it.    All I can say with certainty is that although I won’t be dieting I will try and limit the amount of shit that I consume, which is pretty much what I did throughout the entire transformation challenge and that turned out alright (apart from not winning) lololol

I was asked why I didn’t get Joe my crossfit coach to fat test me, so if you are wondering there were a couple of reasons.   The first is consistency, Mr P.T is the only trainer that has regularly fat tested me apart from Miss Jo (and Mr P.T is based where I train and Miss Jo is not) and the second (and perhaps most important) reason is that I don’t care if my coach see’s me half dressed and fat.

So there you have it – I’m relatively lean and extremely shallow LOLOLOLOL

Till next time





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