Two Word Wednesday

Who am I kidding? Me? A blog post containing two words? ..

Hardly .. 😉

I’ve had two late nights in a row which is a rare occurrence in the land of Julia because well as you know I get up at stupid o’clock and late nights are not conducive to early morning rising.

However “needs must” and all that ..

Monday night I went to a girls only “How to fix and maintain your bike class” at Avanti Waitakere.

Not only was it informative it was actually pretty fun. My bff Nessy and I rock at changing tyres, I’m sure we were the fastest in the group- competitive much? However we couldn’t match the “pro’s” time of 1:06 but I am sure we were close and we evened out the playing field by using a hand pump, no CO2 canisters for us ..  *cough cough*

And last night I had a late one for social reasons – visiting friends and eating chocolate cake .. sometimes I truly love my life 🙂

Another thing I rather enjoy?

And what do you know – it is yet another male of the British persuasion ..

Tom Hardy

Cute in Inception ..

Cuter in This Means War

But “totally take your breath away” in Warrior

And he isn’t too uneasy on the eye just kicking back enjoying a game of basketball!

Right I’m off to grab a spot of sunshine it’s a stunner in Auckland today!

Till next time

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