From the mouths of babes

Happy Monday!

I just had to share with you the “wisest” piece of advice I have received over the weekend.

James and I were discussing my goals for the year and when we touched upon the subject of my first half marathon in June I said that my goal was to beat my friends time, however her pace was WELL above what I can currently move at.

He was consoling me and telling me that I had only just started running and I was doing well, I had loads of time before the event and that my tempo training runs would help with my speed.

Miss Isabelle then runs over to my chair, taps me on the hand and says

“I know what you have to do Mumma!”  “Mumma .. Mumma!  I know …”

To which I reply “What’s that baby?”

She looks at me earnestly and says “Well Mumma, obviously you just need to run really fast!”

She then patted my hand and continued “Can you do that Mumma?  You just have to try – ok?”

Well then .. I guess I will give it a go 😉

I hope these “go faster” socks work ..

Till next time

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