Now that’s the way to do it

James and I are lucky enough to have one set of grandparents living downstairs in the “Granny Flat” so we usually have a babysitter on hand if we want to do something without the kidlets.

Last weekend was one such time, James and I went out on an actual date. We quite often go to the cinema (as my brit calls it) because it’s something I have always been able to do even when I was dieting, however over the past few years a date that involves a movie AND eating .. well that’s been a rare occurrence. A movie, food AND alcohol? I don’t think that has ever happened ..

Until now 😉

I had grabbed a “deal” off one of the numerous voucher websites that have popped up over recent times to partake in dinner and dessert while watching a movie in the Gold Class Cinema. We only had a couple of weeks left before it ran out but there hadn’t been anything I had really wanted to watch until this weekend when the Yummiest Mummy of all time’s movie opened up.

Underworld Awakening! Kate Beckinsale has one hell of a bod and she’s a stunner .. some girls have all the luck 😉

I’ve seen all the Underworld movies and I confess I could probably watch them over and over again without getting bored and this one is no exception – even without Michael to oogle over when he takes his shirt off doesn’t lessen the enjoyment.

There is however some new eye candy in the movie ..

Theo James plays a vampire son of some big wig vampire.

Theo’s a Brit too – seems like I have a penchant for British Boys 😉

If you have the chance to go to Gold Class I highly recommend the cinema on Queen Street, Auckland Central.  I’ve been a couple of times and both times were awesome.  James and I went to the one in Sydney (Australia) and it pales in comparison!

The food was gorgeous too!  Pity it was too dark to take a pic ..

But here is the “after” shot 😉

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    Wow, that sounds like so much fun! I don’t think we have anything like that in my city, darn!

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