I used to blame lack of carbs

Because I get up at stupid oclock each day to train when I get home from work/training the first thing I do (yep even before eating) is that I diligently pack my clothes for the next day and get all my food ready so that I pretty much just have to get up, get dressed, make coffee, grab bags and go ..

Last night was no exception – today I had a run session at stupid oclock, then a bike session after work. I got my clothes together, put my running gear in the bathroom, I put my work clothes and my bike gear in my gym bag and my cleats and helmet in the car. Pat on the back – well done Julia.

This morning I drove into my work and then it hit me … I didn’t bring my bike *sigh*

And I have to admit that isn’t my first case of forgetfulness when it comes to me and the bike. Last week I managed to remember my bike and I set off for my ride, only to get 200m down the road and realise I had forgotten to put my helmet on so I headed back to the car got the helmet and headed out again.

THEN (yes there is more) when I finished my session I got back to the car and couldn’t find my car key I was just starting to panic when it dawned on me ..

Yep! Right where I left it with my gym bag in full view. I used to blame “incidents” like this on lack of carbs, but I guess it’s just my sheer stupidity.

So considering my stupidity I am only answering simple questions today 😉  …

Simple question 1

Thanks! I love them too 🙂 I bought them from Little Miss Matched in Anaheim, California last year.

Simple Question 2:

I can see a pattern emerging 😉 the top is from Lorna Jane

Simple question 3

Maybe I should have a fashion blog 😉 I wear Nike Air Pegasus 28’s. To be fair when I did my last stint of running back in 2002 I was fitted for these shoes and now I just get a new pair of exactly the same model (I don’t even try them on anymore), however since I’ve had kids and my body has changed I should actually be fitted again – but old habits die hard (and I think they are pretty cute). 🙂

Right now you are all informed about where my wardrobe is from I best go.  I’ve actually cheated today and I wrote half of this blog this morning and I’m finishing it off early evening.  I’ve been battling some kind of bug and I’ve spent the afternoon drugged up trying to sleep it off only to be coughed all over when the kidlets got in from Kindy – bless them.

But now I am going to try and eat something .. wish me luck 😉

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    Lack of carbs! HAH! You are adorable.

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