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I’ve mentioned “The Regionals” previously in this blog, thanks in part to Crossfit HPU qualifying and sending a team to the Australian Regional Weekend.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  You obviously don’t follow religiously.  Feel free to read about it here and come back once you’ve caught up. 😉

Regional Weekend is actually a bit of a misnomer because there is not just one weekend.  Instead the 17 Regional events are held over four weekends from May 9th to June 1st, with Crossfit HPU participating in Weekend 2 (of 4)

Weekend 1 didn’t catch my attention.  The only athlete I follow from the first four Regions competing is Elizabeth Akinwale and thanks to following Crossfitgames on instagram I was able to see snippets of the action “that counted”.

Weekend 2 was a different story altogether!  Firstly my box (Crossfit HPU) was competing in the teams event in Australia, the Sam & Annie “battle” was going on in Europe, Camille was doing her thing in Canada East & Rich was busy being Rich in the Central East.

Suffice to say I didn’t get much done that weekend.

Weekend 3 (just gone) had my #crossfitcrush Ben Smith competing in crushing the Mid Atlantic and a fight to the bitter end in both the womens and mens events at SoCal (incidentally – another weekend, another girl crush – Jamie Hagiya – AhMazing).

Following the live (or even archived) coverage online has it’s advantages.

  1. No travel costs,
  2. I can pause the action if I need wee, which leads to;
  3. No waiting in line to use the bathroom or
  4. No long lines to buy overpriced paleo food and more importantly;
  5. I can stay in my PJ’s all weekend!

However there are also distict disadvantages to following the online coverage.

  1. Constantly peering into the background of the shot trying to locate the athlete/team you are following.
  2. Watching anxiously as your athlete goes into the hang position, pulls the bar up their body and just at that point, the camera switches to someone else whilst you scream WTF are you doing?!?!

So for those of you who have future Regional aspirations this is how you can get the most on air time

Be Rich

Rich Froning is the Jordan of Crossfit. As such the camera follows Rich everywhere and no one complains because he’s fit, strong, freakishly good looking and as soon as he’s crossed the finished line the sponsors shirt gets peeled off his glistening body.

Obviously “being Rich” is a tall task, so either ..

  • be in the lane next to Rich and keep up (aka Scott Panchik) or
  • be in the same heat and have two rounds to go after Rich finishes that way when he comes to cheer you on the camera will follow

If you aren’t “lucky” enough to be in the Central East Region Final Mens heat never fear, not all is lost, in fact you may have a better opportunity for air time if Rich isn’t around it’s quite simple really …

Come first

If you go out fast and get in front AND stay in front the camera will follow you, you won’t get as much coverage if you sneak in from behind for the win (aka Crossfit HPU).

Another option;

Come last

It needs to be by quite a distance though, which isn’t so bad if you are in a freakishly fast heat, you’ll still score well.

If everyone else in your heat has finished and you still have two rounds to complete, the camera has no choice but to follow you as no one else is left in the field of play.

So what won’t work?

You can’t just be a pretty face with a hot body, we’re talking about Crossfit, everyone has a hot body so unless you are a name (Briggs, Froning, Smith) with a hot body the aesthetic appeal probably won’t be enough.

From my personal experience I can tell you that signage will usually get you some on air time ..

And crossfitters can take it to a whole new level.

Can’t hurt to give it a go – right?

Till next time





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