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A while back I came across Jennifer’s Fitness Bucket List on her blog Wine to Weightlifting.

I thought “that’s a great idea, I’m totally ripping that off!” and went about compiling my own list of fitness related things that I would like to accomplish in the near, not to near or even in my far distant future.

Some goals (like a muscle up or stringing 10 double unders) will obviously take more time to accomplish than others. For example, If I can drop a couple of kg’s in body weight relatively quickly, then a 50% of body weight overhead squat is totally in the bag! 😉

There are a couple of things on the list that I’ve been meaning to attempt since I wrote the list because they were in the “more achievable given my current level” column.

  1. Deficit kipping handstand push up
  2. A 16kg Turkish Get Up (TGU)

I’m ok doing a kipping handstand to the floor, as in I can do them, but I’m not really proficient enough to do them in a WOD (eg at speed OR for a long duration) so I’ll usually use an abmat for my head, but my hands go to the ground which means that my HSPU is slightly elevated, making it easier because the range is shorter.

So today since Nancy *groan* was the benchmark workout at HPU and I think Fridays should always be fun (which Nancy is not) I decided this was the perfect time to give both A) and B) a go and work on some skills after jumping in on a bit of Will action.  (Not Will himself, Will’s WOD class – actually that sounds a bit rude too.  Let me rephrase that.  I did a WOD with the group that Will trains on Monday, Wednesday & Friday).

Anyway I digress, handstands …

I started with some holds, then my “go to” HSPU’s to an ab mat, then moved onto HSPU’s to the floor and then it was time to give the deficit a go (with Amit wishing me well in the background)

High Five!

Pity Instagram only gives you 15 sec and you missed out on my happy I pb’d dance .. it’s a goodie.

One down, let’s see if we can make it a double!  Onto the TGU ..

I’ve always struggled with the TGU, I’m pretty unco and my “bad knee” doesn’t like the kneeling on the floor part.  I had always used an 8kg kettlebell until I trained with Tarsh one day and I got up the courage to give the 12kg a go, now the 12kg is my “go to” whenever TGU is included in an open class and I watch in awe as the girls grab the 20kg kettlebells, I haven’t even progressed to swinging the 20’s! (In fact I must go add that to my list – BRB).

(Back now 20kg kb swing added)

I went through the movement with a 12kg and at it’s now light enough for me to get a little sloppy in my movements.  I find myself not constantly watching the kb anymore because I can get away with it *smack hand*.  I put the 12kg down and grabbed the 16kg and in that instance I had a moment of doubt – it felt heavy!

Oh well what’s the worse that can happen?

Umm .. The kb could fall on my head and rupture my skull.  Or, my shoulder could dislocate, or my knee!  …  Best not think about that.

Double High Five!

Fridays should always be fun (actually everyday should be fun, but more so a Friday) and today was just that.

Have you gotten onto your list of skills to accomplish yet?  If not you should, today could have been your day!

Till next time





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  1. jennifer says:

    Thanks for the blog love!! Happy lifting!! 🙂 Nice work on the HSPU!

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