Today is bought to you by the letter G

G = Good (Life), Getting (Better at swimming), Girls (Dinner tommorrow – yay) and a multitude of other things I shall mention later on in this post.

First up last nights swim session with Haydn was awesome and I came away thinking “heck I think I’m actually going to be able to swim some day soon” so that got a big grin.

And it doesn’t stop there .. 😉

This morning my run session was a warm up followed by a 5k time trial. My aim was to run the distance in 30 minutes, which I realise for all you “real runners” out there is not fast, but for me its like sprinting speed! Anyway I digress I did it in 29:10! Boya! That deserves a great!

On a side note I don’t look in windows when I run along the road because ..

Although not in yellow .. yellow is not my color.

The next big “G” on the agenda … goodness, gracious!   Because it’s that time of the week

Following on from the theme of the day I am bringing you todays wolf “live” from the Golden Globes

George *swoon*

Honestly I think that he just keeps getting better with age!

Oh and in case you haven’t read a paper or watched the news he won Best Actor in a Drama for his role in The Descendants, which also won Best Drama.

I’ve seen the trailer and it’s probably not something I would go to the cinema to watch on opening night. But I would curl up on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon and watch it.

Anyway if you can see the trailers at Flicks

Have a day filled with a gargantuan amount of love and light!

Till next time

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