Now that Mr P.T got rid off the Christmas excesses from my hips weve moved onto a different phase in our “relationship”

Upskilling ..

I said “I want to do a muscle up”

And he went off and figured out how he was going to make that happen for me ..

Basically there were three areas we were going to work on. Dipping on a straight bar, pull up strength and kipping.

We started last week and I nailed the dips on a straight bar pretty easily.

The rest of the session I watched Mr P.T kip and then quickly botched it up every time I had a go. You would think as a “brown girl” I’d have rhythm but yeah I don’t.

Today we worked on pull up strength. Pulling up, holding for a four count then lowering down on a two count then pulling straight back up. In my head I was thinking (thank you Joe and Rod for making me do holds and slow eccentric movements at Ludus, you have saved my arse yet again).

Then we moved onto kipping, last week we only got as far as the wiggle thing .. we hadn’t even got to the pull up part. Today I managed to crack the wiggle and even got one pull up but I’m still working out how to do the push back so you arc downwards .. but heck I got up, that’s more than last week – I’ll take that as progress.

Mr P.T has given me homework … I have to get my wiggle on.

I’m thinking 12 weeks to get a muscle up, he’s confident we will crack it well before then.

We’ll see I guess.

Till next time

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