Drop it like its squat

This morning was Day 2 – Week 1 of Look Better Naked

And as you can probably tell from the title of this blog post (and the picture to your left) today’s blog post is about squatting 😉

It seems like you get an “ordinary” group of women together and they complain about their midsection, their legs and their bat wings.

So if you sign up to a womens only fitness program I guess you shouldn’t be surprised when they target the exact areas mentioned above.

On Monday we concentrated on upper body before pounding the pavement so it stands to reason that today was leg day. I don’t train legs (heck I don’t really train anything) and as a result my legs are no where near as “hawt” as they used to be back in the day when I weight trained AND ran .. running seems to do wonders for my legs but yeah haven’t been able to do that lately either.

So I wasn’t bummed when Shantelle broadly smiled and said “Ladies! It’s leg day!” because the old pins could do with some work ..

I changed my mind about 10 minutes into the session, then I was thinking #fml

And then to give our legs a rest instead of four straight leg exercises cycled for one minute each for four rounds (no rest) we got to do Legs, Abs, Legs, Abs #doublefml

This morning REALLY felt like a workout I was dripping with sweat the only thing I have to do next time to get an even better workout is go and find the fittest girl in the group (and no it’s not me) and stand opposite her because I found going deeper and faster than the “old lady” and the pregnant chick not too much of a stretch. 😉

Tomorrow is the final LBN for the week what’s the bet it’s a huge ab workout .. oh and it’s my diary check day, it’s a pretty boring read since I’m a creature of habit. Once I worked out the portions and did a menu I’ve eaten the same each day – so much easier that way!

Thankfully I find pear and feta salad heaven on a plate because it could end up being dinner for the next six weeks ..

Till next time

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