Let’s ride the rails!

My baby turned three on the weekend!


“Yesterday” he was this tiny bundle of squishy babyness but it seems like overnight he changed into an intelligent little person who can recite the name, number and colour of every engine on the Island of Sodor (not that I would know if he’s got it right or not, Thomas is not really my choice of TV viewing) 😉

We have opted not to host birthday parties until he actually wants one. We figure we have at least a years reprieve.

In leiu of a party we decided that since Elias’ world revolves around trains. (I guess they don’t explain the concept of gravitational pull on the Disney channel) we would ride the rails, play in parks, eat “bad food” and enjoy the world like only a kidlet can.

And yes J is dancing, they play classical music at the Henderson Train Station and Isabelle decided that we should all be ballerinas .. heck why not!

At the park the kids ran ..

J was a troll and I slid down the slide without getting wedged *bonus*

And then this taunted me ..

So I obviously had to show it who is the boss 😉

It was good practice for the tough mudder event I’m doing in September, I just need to learn how to swing across monkey bars and I’ll be set *I live in hope*

Anyway you would think all that adventuring would burn off some major calories and it probably did, but I’m pretty sure this used them all up 😉

Oh well, it’s all about finding your life balance .. right? 😉

Enjoy your kids they grow up so fast!

Till next time

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