Once upon a time

There was a time in the not too distant past where I ran without having something big, scary and life threatening me behind me – you know like for fun.

But add a few kilos, a few injuries and the realization that my body just doesn’t like running that much and it kind of fell by the wayside. Which was a total bummer because the amount of crap I could eat back when I was running regularly was astronomical!

Anyway you get the gist of it although I used to love to run (well more that I loved the fact I “could” run without stopping that was pretty cool in my books) I’m not so hung up on it these days.

Imagine the delight that entered my heart this morning when I rocked up the final day of Week 1 of Look Better Naked to find out we were going to run and not only run we were going to run up College Hill ..

And although technically College Hill only looks like that in my mind it feels like that on my legs too – even when I was a “real runner” College Hill was a bitch of a hill to get up so I knew there was going to be some pain involved in todays session.

There was a bright side though the plan was that the group would all start running together and “race” to the top, whoever got to the top first turned around to head back to the start point and they tagged the other people in the group who would then turn around and head back too – so if you were slower you would run less distance #bonus

HOWEVER our resident speedy road runner wasn’t there which meant we were all going to have to travel further than if she was running with us #boo I tried to get Shantelle to run because as the trainer she’s bound to be fast but she declined as she was on stop watch duty – well actually if I remember correctly she just howled with laughter and said “why would I do that?”

A girls gotta try right? ..

I was a little worried about starting out cold and about running on the road so soon after my last attempt as my knees and achilles weren’t “that” happy about running last time but I figured I could stop on the hill if I had too.

Guess who got to the top first?!?! …

Yep these socks and shoes .. can you believe it?!?! The “silver medalist” was only about 20 metres behind me though so it wasn’t an overwhelming victory and I still had to get back.

The downhill part was bliss, the flat was meh and the final hill back to the gym? .. Well that sucked balls (excuse my language)

The hill silver medalist caught me on the final hill and we crossed the finish together at the 15 minute mark. I’m pretty sure she slowed down to enable this to happen though .. bless her.

I text Anna and excited exclaimed I felt what it must be like to be her because I won the race to the top of the hill ..

It feels tiring!

Till next time (where there will be no mention of running!)

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