Ending the week with the boys

The title of the post probably makes my Friday morning sound way cooler than it actually was 😉

First “boy of the day” (at stupid o’clock) was Mr Physio who attached an electric shock device to me and then if that wasn’t bad enough he then prodded, poked and moved my injured body parts in ways they don’t like – all in the name of rehab.

Following that I went and subjected myself to more pain with Mr P.T who incidentally has been wandering around the gym in a fog these last couple of days after having his phone stolen.

So do not be dismayed girls if he hasn’t returned your phone calls or text messages he has a good reason .. not that he’s the best with prompt text message replies, unless it involves talking about caramel slice. A way to a mans heart …

Anyway I had asked him on Tuesday if he would do all my measures today (yes yes after refusing for weeks). Obviously he jumped at the chance because who wouldn’t want to feel my rock hard midsection. #yeahright

Mr P.T did ask me why I had a change in heart about allowing him to retest me and I just explained that because my training frequency was decreasing I wanted to keep track of how that was affecting my body composition.

After all how will I know if I look better naked without taking some kind of measurement? Guess I could ask J but he always thinks I look good no matter what size my shorts are it’s that husband gene and since he’s pretty much the **only person who see’s me naked the callipers are more “unbiased”.

**The kidlets do see me naked but mostly they just point and laugh so asking them would be pointless too.

The calipers confirmed what my mirror tells me – that I’m maintaining my bodyfat at my “happy point” and the tape measure confirmed what my clothes tell me – I’m smaller #bonus.

Mr P.T was so happy that he let me pick between doing a wod and doing muscle up skills.  I told him he could chose and my “get happier gift” to him was that I’d actually do it what he said for once.

He went with a wod 10-1 with 200 m run in between each round #fml.  I actually thought my heart was going to burst at one point when he had me running at 13.5.  I’m not sure if those of you who don’t know me in real life realise just how short my stumpy legs are .. but 13.5 is like how fast a car should move, not a short human.

He just laughed at me and said I have never heard of someone’s heart bursting open whilst on the treadmill AND I did your blood pressure earlier, remember?   You’re heart is just fine – you can stop running IF you think your achilles is about to snap, your heart exploding is not a valid reason to stop running.

WTF who is this man?

Till next time

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