My turf

I’m a “can do most things but nothing exceptionally well” type of girl.

I can jump on a box (as long as its not too high), I can run (but not for a long distance OR fast), I can do handstands (as long as there is a wall) – that type of thing ..

But one thing I’m “pretty good at” is burpees ..

From the Les Mills (half) burpees, to standard crossfit burpees, to the Ludus special of stringing all the exercises you can think of together and making it into an advanced burpee variety.

So I was quite pleased that this mornings LBN workout involved burpees (and even more pleased that it didn’t involve any road running

The first half of the session was 1 minute rounds of donkeys, low squats, half burpees and lunges for four rounds .. this got us “warmed up”, then it was onto the workout “proper”

5,10,15,20 – Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Pop Squats and Knee Repeaters with a run in between each exercise.

It’s only session 1 of week 2 but this has been my fav session so far, probably because it’s the kind of workout I’m used too and being that I’m ok at a variety of things but not great at any one thing this type of workout tips the field slightly in my favour.

This was shown when the “fit girl” could keep up on the 5’s but once we hit bigger numbers my ability to not stop during the burpees helped me keep the lead the entire wod (and I even crossed the line on the final run just as time was called #yay)

Great way to start the week!

AND Monday got better because J has crossed over to the darkside and rejoined Les Mills – working out together is as close as it gets to a date these days.

Tonight we did a boxing session and because it was a big class we worked in pairs.  I couldn’t help crack up looking across the bag at J every time the instructor would yell “Bang that Bag”

Mind/Gutter = Julia

Till next time

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