Pleasing the boss

Today I had a “date” with a hot single guy ..

There are times when I wonder “how is this guy still single?” and then there are the days where he gets his grump on and I think “no wonder you are single!”

Today however Mr P.T either “got some last night” or he ate breakfast (or both I guess) because there was no eyebrow raising and more clapping and cheering going on than usual.

Mr P.T’s plan for our session is that we would keep plugging away on the skills required for me to do a muscle up.

Strength moves to start, then moving onto technique work (kipping) and then after he had suitably worn me out we would finish off with one of the WODs from the Crossfit Games.

Incidentally the HPU crossfit games were HUUUUGE, I’m so glad I was ordered to “rest” by Shantelle because you probably would have had to park about two suburbs away to get anywhere near the gym!

Anyway back to the subject of the day .. me ..

My pullups started ok but turned to shit pretty quickly. Mr P.T basically lifted me (thankfully he’s strong) and then I dropped like a stone. I did however get my serious back on and tried my best to come down as slowly as I could, may as well work that eccentric phase if that’s all you got!

Then we moved onto dips – parallel drips (piece of p*ss) then straight bar drips (better than the chins but not simple). Mr P.T does get a bit frustrated with my breathing technique in that fact that I don’t have any and just rely on brut strength apparently I’d be “hella strong” if I could combine the two in unison ..

Anyway next we moved onto the kipping.

I’ve gotta be honest and say I’ve always thought kipping was a girl thing to do. I mean why would you kip when you can just do “real chins” but considering I’m not strong enough to just pull myself up on a bar to muscle up kipping is the only feasible way I’m going to get up there, its a means to an end.

HOWEVER I am going to be the first to hold up my hand and say

“Fuck Me – This kipping shit is hard”

Not hard like doing a strict chin is .. hard in the way that you have to get your entire body to move in unison. This is one brown girl who missed out on the “rhythm gene” thankfully I married a metal head so there isn’t much dancing at the clubs going on in our world 😉

HOWEVER I did manage one, then I strung two together THEN I managed three .. in a row. I find the pushing backwards from the top so that you arc back down into the kip the hardest part because thats not how I naturally chin (because in a strict chin you lower straight down as opposed to pushing back)

BUT Mr P.T said (and I quote) “I’m stoked – that was awesome!”

He tried to get me to string three together again before I moved onto the WOD but I just couldn’t get it to work so we stopped while we were ahead. I already got my “I’m stoked” I didn’t need another 😉

Maybe this rest thing is paying off ..

Till next time

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