Waste not want not?

I saw my nutritionist at the end of last week and I relayed the conversation that I had with my physio about my knee being complete shite (well that’s the abridged version).

She asked me which sport I had decided to concentrate on and I said “running – it’s the one I like the most out of the 3” she smiled and shook her head and said “Well do you know what sport I would have chosen for you?”

I obviously didn’t have a clue so guessed “cycling?”

She shook her head and replied matter of factly “No – bodybuilding.  I think you are wasting your genetics”

She then went onto explain how you don’t see many people of my size becoming long distance runners for a reason and how it was much harder for me to run than an “ordinary person” because I carry so much mass and that I have such beautiful bodybuilding genetics .. *sigh*

And the entire time all I could think was … “That would mean no cake” 😉

So I’m plodding along (literally).  I was banned from running all week but I was allowed to do a run on Sunday so the FB’s headed to Titirangi and we got our run on ..

The route was an out and back and was approximately 6.5ks (in total). The photo above was taken at the turn around point.

The run itself is on a gravel track, some of its a bit slippery and it’s not the kindest surface to run on. Apparently the views are quite spectacular but honestly I was too busy looking at the ground to notice.

Pros – knee wasn’t too bad, swollen by the time I finished but not so much that I cried.

Cons – slippery track and I prefer not to run out and back’s.

Next Sunday the FBs (minus Osovale) have entered into the Why Women Run at Cornwall Park in Auckland so if you want to get your run on (and you are a woman – no boys allowed sorry) why don’t you come and join us!

I won’t be wearing the top that makes me look like a fat little ribena berry so you will just have to keep an eye out for “the socks” should you be at the venue.

Oooo and tomorrow is Day One of our 100k challenge. Each one of the FBs has pledged to do 100ks in the month of May but I will tell you more about it tomorrow.

Till next time

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