Don’t faint

I took an entire weekend off .. I know, I know …

No Ludus, No Running and the only epic adventuring I did was when J and I took the kidlets on an epic train adventure Saturday morning.

The original plan was that J would go to Ludus on Saturday and that I would go to Yoga on Sunday because our built in babysitters were working all weekend.

However when Isabelle informed him that her Mumma was taking them on a train adventure he said he would come .. I think he thought I may lose one of them enroute (and to be fair Elias probably can out run me) 😉

So family day it was! I just have to say for those of you with younger kids it’s an awesome “day out” and cheap as chips too. We drove to Swanson and took the train to Henderson (which is only about 10 minutes) and for all of us it cost $ 7.60 for the return journey. If we didn’t buy coffees we could have had an entire days outing for under $10.00!

After taking home two tired explorers we found out that we did in fact have a babysitter for the next day so J decided he would do the run group that leaves from Lululemon at the same time as the free Yoga is on.

I really enjoyed this weeks Yoga class. We did a few “new” moves and I even managed to relax during the Savasana thanks to Danna talking about visualising how you want your life to be, I think that may have been my favorite part of class.

Incidentally my mind tells me that my ideal life includes love, family, friends, the beach and working out and apparently I don’t do real work .. not sure how that comes about maybe I win the lotto I didn’t get that far. 😉

Finally just a note. Next time you see a motivational poster like this ..

And think .. what a load of bollocks, this is the end of the Ludus run group session yesterday.

Donkeys on Ponsonby Road – classic Ludus styles.

Till next time

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