100k Challenge – Week Four

Week four has drawn to a close and I am pleased to announce that every single FB has reached 100k with three days of the month left!

I mentioned last week that since I am still not doing any long distance running I was planning on switching down to a lesser distance than the half marathon for this weekends running event in Tauranga.

I discussed it with J because I tend to do things without thinking and I was trying to be sensible. So the options were

  1. Run 10k – Which I think I could do without crying but my knee would probably swell up at about 8k and the last two would not be fun (well even more not fun than running is already not fun).
  2. Run 05k – Which I think I could do “relatively” pain free as long as I keep my speed down.

J thought I should run the 5k especially since this was a weekend away and we should be enjoying ourselves. Another “bonus” to run the 5k is that I have a friend entered in that event so we could “race” (wouldn’t that be a fun idea A??) – just kidding, she’d probably kick my arse.  I’d prefer to run with her so she can pull me up any hills .. I like that idea better. 😉

This time I actually followed J’s advice (I know I know doesn’t happen often) and I’ve switched down to the 5k now just to decide on the outfit.  So many socks to choose from ..

And on the subject of J .. he is doing something EPIC today, apparently I make him “look lame” so today he is off on his own epic adventure. (I however think he is always epic)! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Anyway enough about me and mine lets check out the “Leader Board” for this months challenge.

Yumi, Robin, Osovale, Clare, Amy (I figure you all know what I look like)

Robin – 139.83 k
Osovale – 127.14 k
Clare – 121.82 k
Yumi – 106.09 k
Amy – 105.5 k
Me – 103.5 k

So even with a few days to go ALL of the FB’s kick arse on this challenge. Yes I rounded out the back but my number is still greater than 100k I will TOTALLY take that. 🙂

Next month we have an “interesting” challenge lined up. Keep an eye out and join in!

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Anouska says:

    Ummm, you will be the one pulling me up hills i’d say! Haha, i think for your knee’s sake, we best not race ;). (more like “i don’t feel like being beat by someone with a bad knee”). Running the mount in the morrow, will be my first time!

  2. Anouska says:

    Well done FBs on the 100k challenge!!

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