100k Challenge – Done and Dusted

The 31st of May has drawn to a close and it’s time to write the final chapter on this challenge so that when tomorrow dawns we can get onto conquering the next!

I set this monthly challenge with one main goal in mind which was

That by the end of the month all of the FBs would have a regular running/walking routine in place so that training just became a normal part of their every day lives.

They say it takes two weeks for something to become a habit, so I figure four weeks is even better 😉

And after listening to the feedback I’m pretty sure that the goal has been met but they can inform you via comments below if they completely disagree with me (and don’t worry, none of them are scared of me – they will tell the truth) 🙂

So lets recap this months monumental efforts ..

Yumi, Robin, Osovale, Clare, Amy (I figure you all know what I look like)

Amy Clare Julia (Me) Osovale Robin Yumi
1-7 May 29.49 44.18 21.50 21.00 33.84 32.79
8-14 May 17.71 19.24 36.00 35.5 36.64 23.25
15-21 May 37.30 26.24 36.00 36.97 39.34 38.05
22-28 May 21.00 32.16 10.00 33.67 30.01 12.00
29-31 May 7.90 15.50 12.00 6.92 11.08 4.00
TOTALS 113.40 137.32 115.50 134.06 150.91 110.09

The FBs all kicked the arse out of this challenge so it onwards and upwards from here.   Next months challenge is going to be less about actual running but will still help with the running – cryptic huh ..

Till next time

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