The Crossfit Open – 14.5

For time

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Thrusters, 95 / 65 lb.

All all the 2014 Crossfit Open workouts 14.5 was the one I was most at ease with.

Most crossfit workouts are fast (like a Porsche) however I’m more along the lines of a vintage car, I can’t move as quick as the newer models but I’ve stood the test of time and I can last the distance.

This workout was built for a model like me.

We had no Anna today to set the pace as she was too busy winning a bronze medal in the 800m’s at the Nationals in Wellington so it was just James and I going head to head in our “winner takes all” competition with the loser “graciously” shouting coffee for the “champion of the world”. 😉

I put my hand up to go first, because as I mentioned earlier I was completely at ease with this one, no nervous butterflies (or wees) to deal with. My plan going into 14.5 was to break all of the thrusters up to the round of 6 into 3 equal sets with a mandatory 3 breath rest, so the 21’s I’d do 7×3 the 18’s would be 3×6 etc etc the burpees however I’d go slowly but unbroken.

After Marlon showed me how to wear my knee sleeves correctly the thrusters were much easier than usual however (unfortunately) the burpees were just as hard as usual, in fact they were harder than usual since you had to jump over the bar. J and I both got no one rep and one close call on the burpees, you really had to keep your wits about you on those jumps especially when you got tired (which happened el pronto!).

*warning before you watch the following it contains coarse language, viewer discretion is advised*

I expected the first 2 sets to be hard because they were “big” numbers but I actually found the 15’s and 12’s the hardest to get through because;

  1. Keri who was next to me was a set ahead of me (depressing much?)
  2. I was tired and
  3. I was close to the “golden sets” of 9, 6 & 3 but not close enough!

I stuck to my game plan and took all my allocated breaks even when I thought I could do more and I’m glad I did because I doubt I would have finished as strongly as I did without them.  Like I said yesterday, I’ve lived in this body for over 40 years now, I know how it functions best.

Boom! Under 20 minutes!

James was straight up after me, but considering we only had enough athletes for 2 heats today he didn’t have much choice.

I’m not sure he had a game plan, he likes to do everything the hard way so if I was a betting woman (which I guess I am considering this wee couple competition we’ve got going on), his plan was to go unbroken on every set and to strict press every single thruster – cause that’s how he rolls.

If that’s what he planned, it didn’t work out like that and he ended up breaking up the thrusters, going off for walks, toweling down his dripping body, guzzling water and generally ignoring me each and every time I yelled at him to pick up the f**king bar.

J was a gracious loser and paid for the coffee. However considering his training consists of 1 run a week and 1 gym workout he’s done amazingly well during the Crossfit Open season posting a score for every workout.

I’m far prouder of his accomplishments over the last 5 weeks than I am of my own and it goes without saying that if he knew some of the more technical crossfit stuff, like kipping he would kick my arse convincingly.

After all he’s younger (yep I have a toy boy), stronger and fitter so I’ll take the win while I can get it ..

Till next time




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