Come one, come all it’s going to be a ball!

One more sleep till I become an actual competition crossfitter.

Who would have thought it?

First of all I’m not “into” competitions and secondly I’m even MORE not into team sports so obviously that means that my first foray into competition would be as part of a team. And not just any team, a good team full of people who are actually good at this stuff.

Like I said, who would have thought it ..

I guess if you are going to jump make sure it’s in the deep end, that way you won’t hit your head on the bottom. 😉

After this mornings benchmark sessions the transformation of the box started. Honestly this event is HUGE. This time we even have an athletes village in the building next door.

If you’d like to come along and watch the teams throw down (or me throw up) come along to CrossfitHPU, Victoria Street, Auckland City.

If you are coming along to specifically watch me throw up Team Platinum’s WOD times are as follows

WOD1 8:20am
WOD2 9:20am
WOD3 12:25pm
WOD4 3:40 pm

Also Miss Issy’s kids competition WOD starts just after 1pm.

If you can’t make it to the venue I’ve been told that the the CrossfitHPU website will have live updates (and obviously I’ll be posting on Instagram and Facebook because that’s how I roll) 😉

Till next time





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