The long lasting affair

One year ago today I walked into CrossfitHPU for the very first time and started my induction into crossfit.

I recall that day vividly ..

You are probably thinking I remember it because it was a life changing experience, after all “strong is the new skinny” and “crossfit is the new black” because it’s all about “becoming a machine, not using one”.

But you would be wrong!

I remember it because the WOD was an AMRAP that included running to the top of the hill. We ALL know how I love to run, add in a hill and I’m not a happy camper – not that I’d actually be a happy camper, I’m more of a beach resort kind of girl.

Anyway let’s just say that if I hadn’t handed over my hard earned cash to be included in the induction course that very first WOD could have put me off crossfit for life. But I persevered because I wanted access to the CrossfitHPU gymnastics class. I really wanted to learn all the cool looking stuff

Freestanding handstand
Handstand walk
Pistols and
Muscle ups

I wasn’t all that fussed about “general crossfit”, they didn’t even do proper pull ups! What’s that about?

If I’m honest I ended up becoming a crossfitter by default (funky pull ups and all). Crossfit was kind of like Ludus (in the same way that I can kind of see without my contact lenses) and since CrossfitHPU was located at Les Mills (my gym) I didn’t have to drive from one location to another every morning like I had been doing.

I guess it was somewhat a marriage of convenience.

Thinking about it I guess I’d never understood when people in arranged marriages explained that you learned to love your spouse until now, because I didn’t go into this thinking it would be a long term relationship. It was just going to be a short term fling – I’d get what I wanted and be outta there!

But here we are, a year later and I’m still wearing the funky long socks (however now I have an ACTUAL reason to wear them) and dreaming about the ever-elusive muscle up. I’m even entered in my very first competition this weekend, which involves running.

How ironic is that …

I guess you can never tell what the big guy has in store for you. (God that is – not my Coach, he’s big but not THAT big.)

Till next time





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