100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 26 this shits getting crazy!

There used to be a time when 20 burpees was “extreme” then we “advanced” to sets of 50 and then onto sets of 100 to start a workout, which then morphed into a set of 100 burpees to start the workout AND another set of 100 burpees to finish .. (and Ren likes to throw in random 6 minute go for gold burpee sets in the middle of the sessions he is in charge of).

Then came the variations .. the deadman, the tuck jump, the cha cha, the t, the lkr, the chinpee, the double down which then advanced to a triple down BUT the latest?

Yesterday was the lkr, split jump, chinpee – which was I thought was pretty hard core but today’s special?

The lateral knee raise, TRIPLE down, chinpee, knee raise!

WTF is going on with the world? This shits just getting crazy! 😉 Although you all know I love (to hate) it!

However one thing I think you should all try is this ..

We did it this morning as a warm up before the wod commenced. I started out well (thankfully) because by set 8 I was slowing down something chronic!

I think JP mentioned we may get to do a repeat tomorrow morning so I’ll see if I can beat my score by 1 😉

Anyway lets get on with the show .. Day 26!

PS – I was way faster this morning lol

Till next time

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