100 days 100 burpees – Day 27 is a game of chance

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I don’t tend to complain … sure I swear and as you all know at times I cry, but I’m not a complainer. I just stick my head down and get on with it … even if I hate it.

For example this morning one of the sets in the wod was a 20/2 chins 10/1 bear crawl. Any chin rep of 20 or more *irks* me because it takes F O R E V E R!

Actually now I think about it, I may have to take back my earlier comment because I complain plenty inside my head, I just look hard on the outside (well except when I’m crying obviously) .. 🙂

Anyway after the first two sets which were mainly strength based I was thinking hmmmm I’m not even out of breath yet! THEN came the burpee set from hell ..

It was a 10 minute set with no break. You had two minutes to do 20 burpees and 10kb swings and at the end of every two minutes you went back to the burpees (even if you hadn’t finished the swings) and if you hadn’t completed 20 burpees you stopped wherever you were and started again – simple right?

I knew I’d be pushing it to get even just the burpees done – so my aim was to complete 20 in each 2 minute block.


Yeah Baby! Each time he called 30 seconds I had about 5-6 to go and I would complete the last one with seconds to spare (well actually however long it takes to scrawl on the floor) – best set EVER!  I do love me some burpees before breakfast  ..

Speaking of burpees (hows that for a segue) its Day 27 of the 100 days 100 burpee challenge.

Today I left it up to the roll of the dice *DUMB MOVE* settle in (you might even want to grab some popcorn) its a L O N G one!

Till next time

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