100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 28 and abs for the win!


Ryan (otherwise known as the milkman) has nothing at all to do with this post other than the term “abs” is used in the title and he has some – abs that is .. and great ones … *sigh*

Anyway I guess I should get onto the reason the term abs is in the title other than it allowed me to post a photo of a hot guy with no shirt on 😉

You all know by now that I “love to hate” burpees and yes I realise that doing the 100 Day 100 Burpee challenge seems a little daft for someone who claims to hate burpees BUT .. this morning I found something I loathe more .. who would have thought it!

You see we “usually” finish a Ren set at Ludus with either a crawl/burpee set or a group burpee set, either way its about 100 or so burpees to finish .. today ….?

Abdominal tabita!

There is a reason I don’t have abs you know (other than I like to eat muffins) so from this day forward I think my blog should say Julia hates abs and I don’t think its something I am going to learn to love .

So lets get on with something I am beginning to feel fond of – burpees!

Day 28

Oh and you HAVE to check out tomorrows blog … Day 29 is going to be one not to miss!

Till next time

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