100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 29 and a little known fact

I used to be a gymnast ..

Once you have watched today’s video post that will make more sense, but for now it’s a great reason to use yet another shot of a half naked man with a hawt bod .. honestly if I can find any half “legitimate” reason to post photos of shirtless men with fab abs I will pounce on the opportunity – totally for you guys though .. totes 😉

Anyway I don’t have much to report today other than to say I’ve twinged my shoulder (old bodybuilding rotator cuff injury). It happens every now and again, but I just add it to my ever growing list of injuries.

I’m going to run out of burpees I can do with a broken shoulder, knee and achillies .. maybe something that only uses one leg and one arm and has no jump .. I’ll start investigating on you tube you can find anything on there! (Including me!)

Speaking of me and you tube, lets get on with todays clip .. it’s a goodie!

Day 29

Till next time

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