Think Less – Live More

Coming from a bodybuilding background, when I started the Ludus Transformation Challenge I fell back into my “old habits” –

I planned what I’d eat throughout the week and prepped all my food, I organised my schedule around working out and I constantly thought about how I should be doing more – after all everyone else in the challenge is doing more – surely I should be too ..

BUT I soon bitch slapped myself back to reality and instead of trying to “win at all costs” I began to focus on a “lifestyle transformation”. After all, I wasn’t totally unhappy with the skin I was in when I started, I was just looking for a reason to clean up my eating as I had outgrown all my favorite items of clothing and had been unable to find “that spark” that I needed to really keep me focused.

Entering the Transformation Challenge with the sole goal of winning it, definitely kept me focused for the first half of the challenge, but in the countdown to the finish line (as I don’t think I have any hope in hell of winning), I’ve started focusing on just how far I’ve come (and how far I can still go, if I keep my M&M consumption contained to just the weekends) 😉

Obviously (nearly eight weeks after starting) I look somewhat different – I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost but I’m down at least one size and I know this because way back in week two of the Transformation Challenge  I posted this on Facebook. At the time I posted that goal, I knew I couldn’t fit into those shorts as I’d tried them on to see just how far off I was (it was a lot).  Anyway fast forward a few weeks (well five to be exact) and this happened .. Until now I hadn’t realised I’m virtually wearing the same outfit – I guess my “fashion sense” hasn’t changed at all in the past three years.

What I look like is what most people notice and although I’m not unhappy with how my body is changing I am far more impressed with how much better my body works these days!

Today for example after warming up at Ludus (yes I’m “that old” I need to warm up, BEFORE the actual warm up) I looked at the board and immediately lost my will to live when I saw it was a partner workout.  I’m not a huge fan of partner workouts to start with and today I woke up more tired than when I went to bed so I just couldn’t deal! 

Instead of the partner workout, I decided to run some treadmill intervals (I know, that’s how much I couldn’t deal with a partner work out today – I voluntarily chose to run instead).  Anna had given me an interval program approximately two weeks before the challenge started and I’ve been following it throughout the duration, increasing the speed and or incline as my fitness levels increased and today I set a new record of running all 30 blocks with only 15 second rest periods (usually the rest periods increase as the speed and hills increase).  

See what cool shit happens when you just think less and live more.

Till next time


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