Week Eight – it’s a date

When I saw that the School of Hard Knox was running a free boot camp for Sober October, I “convinced” James that he should do it with me and because a happy wife = happy life, he obliged and signed up.

Because I had signed up without knowing anyone (well except for Kerry who runs the School of Hard Knox) I figured James would be my “security blanket”.   I knew that if I was out of my depth during any of the training sessions James would stick by me at the back of the pack and if I reached my hand out he’d automatically pull me up any hills without missing a step.  <3  Thankfully we have yet to run any further than 300m in one stretch (although at the time I swear it felt like 3k) because James ended up being placed in a different team and I’m not sure his team mates would have been pleased if he yanked me across the field during our relay race (although he did cheer for me) #bless

For a change of pace this weekends boot camp sessions were more individual efforts so on Saturday when we were told to pair up James and I got to train together.  I hate partner sessions BUT I hate partner sessions less if I can pair up with James and not just because he looks good without a shirt on (which is does, but is completely beside the point).  I prefer to train with James as I don’t feel bad about being slow and holding the team back, because I figure he can just run faster to make up for me (which he did) #hesakeeper especially as after training when we all walked up to the summit  “to cool down” my burly husband carried all our gear, which is handy as I had to save my strength so that I could do a handstand at the top.

Although you can’t tell from this photo it was actually really busy on the summit (being one of Aucklands “top tourist spots”) and quite blustery!  In fact my fellow bootcampers were worried I’d blow off the mountain,  what they don’t realise is I’m pretty heavy for my size. 😉

And speaking of size ..

Till next time





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