It's all in the filter

I love social media, it’s the way I communicate with other grown ups, without having to leave the comfort of my house and go out to talk generic cialis 5mg with “actual” people, because quite frankly I’m not that much of a people person.

I’m guessing it has something to do with being a “Harmony Seeking Idealist” we (and I quote) “are mostly reserved and confide their thoughts and feelings to very few people they trust.” Suffice to say I’m not well versed in the art of “small talk”.

One stupidly early morning I was talking to Anna (of the short shorts, long legs variety) and it seems as though we have the same (almost obsessive compulsion) to stay attached to others through social media.

Facebook is the way I keep track of my friends, as in people I actually know, in real life. 😉 I like watching them “live their lives”. I’ve enjoyed watching the January/June & July babies grow into little people and in some cases big brothers or sisters. I’m inspired by my friends who run (willingly), in awe of those who can churn out flawless looking cakes and grateful to those who are willing to share those recipes with me.

Instagram on the other hand I voyeur not only into my friend lives but into the lives of people I don’t know. I’ve become somewhat more addicted since Instagram added the ability to upload videos. I love watching complete random people do muscle ups, bendy people do yoga and crossfit girls throw around huge weights!

Sure I have to scroll past the #fitspo of girls standing (sideways) whilst lifting their shirts to show off their six pack, but that’s not a huge price to pay to get to the video of the bendy people floating into handstand hold on top of dumb bells.

I know full well I’m only seeing what they want me to see, but for me it’s akin to the production process in film making, they want to make the best movie possible, even if it involves cutting out half of the scenes. (Although to be fair, who doesn’t love the blooper reel!)

So although I’ve read articles proclaiming that social media undermines the contentment we have with ourselves and the lives we lead, I think that has more to do with the actual user. The “wise” among us understand that the grass isn’t always greener, the filter just makes it look as if it is ..

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