Live your life like someone is watching

Every morning without fail when I walk into the gym area I see “the little old lady” doing her stretching routine and I smile and nod “good morning”.

During my workout the other day she came up to me and said ..

“Do you teach?”

I must have looked confused because she said “Teach, do you teach? – You look like you know what you are doing.”

I concluded that she was asking me if I was a trainer so I replied offhandedly “No – I’m nowhere near patient enough for that”.

I thought that answer would keep her happy and we would each then move along with our day but instead “the little old lady” replied ..

“So you must play a sport then, we *makes sweeping gesture towards the stretching area* were talking about it the other day, we surmised that you either teach or you play a sport.  So what sport do you play?”

I smiled and told her that I hadn’t played any sport for years.  It was her turn to look confused and she replied “Well we *makes another sweeping gesture* watch you every day and you should definitely teach – You would be a great teacher, you tackle each day with such vigor!”

I didn’t realise people noticed what I do in the gym, probably because I’m too busy taking photos of my shoes, myself or even the weight stack 😉

I thanked her and didn’t think too much more about the conversation until I read an an email from a friend who thanked me for posting my progress photos because it reminded her of how far I had come.

That one post had spurred her into making a change in her life and she had embarked on her own 30 day challenge.  She attached her progress photos from the start and end and I nearly burst into tears because I had been the catalyst for someone go out and get what they want out of life and they were thanking me!

It just goes to show that each and every one of us is a role model for someone – even if we don’t know it.

John Quincy Adams said

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader”

So from now on I will be more mindful of how I live my life “in the spotlight” because somewhere out there, someone is watching and I want to lead them to somewhere AMAZING!

Till next time

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