Parking wardens are people too

For those of you who don’t know – I have a teeny tiny car.

It’s not smart car tiny BUT it is small enough that I can park it pretty much anywhere with relative ease, even when other people park like complete d**k heads.

Yesterday afternoon when I went to visit Dad I found a gap “just” big enough for my car on the side of the road relatively close to the hospital #yay so I parked up and went to sit with Dad whilst he waited for another (minor this time) surgery on his jaw.

They had given him some pre-op medication that had obviously made him drowsy as one minute he’d be chatting away about something then midway through his sentance he’d be snoring, he would then reawaken and start chatting (about something completely different) like nothing had happened .. #lol

Anyway, I ended up staying later than I usually do on a weekday as I wanted to stay with him until the orderly came to take him down to theatre. The orderly came around 4.15 and I then headed back to my car quite happy that I *should* miss most of the traffic – although for those of you who reside in Auckland, you will know that 4pm is far from off-peak.

As I turned the corner onto where my car was parked I saw flashing lights and tow trucks ..


I ran (yes sometimes I do voluntarily run, this was one of those times) up the road towards my car and thankfully the tow trucks were clearing the cars from the back first and I was somewhere in the middle. As I got to my car, I called “Argh sorry!” to the parking warden who was standing next to my car. He replied “which one is yours madam?” and I pointed and took the ticket from under the window wiper. He then said “Well at least you didn’t get towed”.

Too right Mr!

I think he expected me to be mad at him, but honestly I was just so happy to have got back to the car before being hooked up to a tow truck that I was beaming with joy after all, it’s hardly his fault I didn’t look at the sign.

“My bad Mr Parking Warden … you have a lovely evening”

Life is 10% of what happens to you AND 90% of how you react to it.

Till next time





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