I see fit people

Lots of them!

I guess you have now figured out that I started my day at Ludus!  There really is no other way to start the day.   Although I could be persuaded to start the day with a pile of blueberry pancakes drizzled in maple syrup with a strong black coffee to wash it down, but I’m digressing.

<—————- This photo was taken at the end of the session.  We were doing abs, well I was about the collapse before moving onto some stretching because I was running late for work, but I did do the first set so I didn’t completely pike out.  Although ab work is on the long list of things Julia hates.

There is an equally long list of things that Julia DOES like but most of those things involve either sugar or a pillow.  Oo which reminds me I have a massage booked for Friday – thank goodness!  Mr IT band is not happy with me. :S

Anyway .. since yesterday was a rest day I don’t have anything really news worthy to relate to you so I will just leave you with a little something to think about ..

I tell myself that everytime I hit the road. Fast I am not 😉

Till next time

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