Pull it together girl!

I (Julia) give you (the people in blog land) the permission to kick my arse if tomorrows post does not outline some form of weight training workout that I did today.

I don’t have any excuses .. I just can’t be arsed going to the gym and lifting heavy objects, but I don’t want to be soft more than I don’t want to lift heavy things .. so these things must be done. 😉

The plan is to do shoulders. Because out of all the body parts, they are probably my favorite to train, it’s a relatively quick workout AND I can train them ok without a spotter (unlike other body parts such as chest). Hopefully the thought of having my arse kicked “out of the blue” by a blog reader will be the incentive I need to get to the gym after work.

I don’t have as much inner turmoil over going to Ludus.  It’s probably the thing that gets me out of bed, although I feel like I’m going to die (or throw up) or throw up then die I actually really enjoy it.  I am still waiting to fall in love with burpees like my friend Susan but alas I still hate them.

This mornings “tormentor” was Phil .. he comes up with some hell workouts this mornings was no exception.  Not one person finished every set!  Not even Pua and he is a demon in the arena!

Warm up = 10:1 pushups followed by a run around the arena. (10 pushups, run, 9 pushups run etc)

Circuits (in the order my group did them in)

  • 10 L-R Pushups, 40 Plate Push Squats, 30 Reverse Lunges with Olympic Bar, 20 Burpees
  • 40 Lateral Tyre Jumps, 10 Ball Smash, 20 Burpees, 30 Chins
  • 30 KB Swings, 20 Bag Burpees, 10 Hybrid Pushups, 40 Burpees
  • 40 Box Jumps, 30 Shuttle Runs, 20 Bag Squats, 10 Tuck Burpees

The first round Phil gave us 8 minutes to finish since everyone finished well before the 8 minutes he dropped the time on the following sets.

I didn’t finish the third set .. I still had 12 more burpees to do AND I only just finished set 4 with seconds to spare!

On other news .. since I had a “big weekend”  I started the keto diet on Monday morning .. completely no carbs even though I did Ludus.   After the weekend I figure I’ve got spare carbs stored that I can use up.  Today (Tuesday) I’m also carb free .. I’ll see how I feel after tomorrows Ludus session then decide whether I have some at breakfast tomorrow.  So far I am feeling good.

Right I guess we should get onto the game of the century 😉  “Guess the Wolf”

CLUE 4 = He is American, Six Foot Tall and has two tattoos.  One on his arm and the other on his hip.

Surely that one is a dead give away ..

Till next time

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  1. Becks says:

    yep I have worked out who he is 🙂

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