Train Hard, Have Fun, Race!

It’s been awhile since my last post ..

But other than training, training and doing some more training (along with the weekly dessert eating) it’s been pretty much same old same old.

Although I do have some updatey type stuff I’m going to blog about today because I’m sure you are all DYING to know this stuff!

  1. I’ve been training with Mr P.T for five weeks on operation Fiji ready.
  2. Mr P.T is still hot BUT still insists on yelling at me and doing the “eyebrow raise”
  3. In the five weeks I’ve lost 6% of my bodyweight even better – it’s all fat.
  4. In five weeks I’ve lost 6cm from my waist.
  5. There should be a fifth “update”  to represent five weeks but all I can think of is Mr P.T is still hot 😉

Iz and I have another four weeks and 3 days till we head off to Fiji and in that time I’d like to drop at least another 2-4 kilos which means there shall be more yelling and yet more eyebrow raising to come ..

In other news I’ve signed up my unsuspecting husband to run the Go Figure stair challenge tomorrow – 20 minutes of stair running at Waitakere Trust Stadium.  The person to do the most wins – simple!  (Well simple for those of us just watching, not so much so for the people running).

Anna and Katie (from Ludus) have entered into the womens event and I figured since I was going along to cheer for them I may as well “pimp out” my husband in the hopes he can win us a prize.

So if you don’t have any plans tomorrow morning come and check it out!

And finally, I’ve entered the Ludus Games!

“The inaugural Ludus Games will be held at Ludus Magnus School of Training on Saturday the 30th March and your commitment in the Arena will be put to the test.

We are amping to see how well you guys perform against eachother in a controlled competitive environment.

We’ll be releasing more details as the event draws closer but in the meantime approach every session like an animal and prepare to enter the Ludus pits to do battle.

Strength and Honour Ludians”

When the mention of the games first came out I was a definate no (but totally in for the Roman banquet afterwards – obviously)

Then I thought hmmm maybe I could give it a go.  Then I was back to being a no.

When some example games weights came out Mr P.T set up a wod working around the exercises and required weights and I gave it a go, then I went back to being a maybe because although I couldn’t go unbroken I could  execute the lifts without pain.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I let Anna decide and she said yep ..

It’s a sock club thing 😉

Till next time

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