Motivational overkill?

A day doesn’t go by without at least one motivational quote coming up in my newsfeed on either Facebook or Instagram exactly like the one you see to your left.

I even have nearly an entire wardrobe full of Lorna Jane “Inspirational” singlets emblazoned with words such as

“Never never never give up”

“No pain no gain” and “Don’t Quit”

So obviously I’ve got a “wee thing” for a good motivational quote – Jim Rohn has some great ones, he was obviously a very inspirational man and when I read his quotes I find myself nodding in agreement.

One of my all time favorite quotes of his is ..

I’ve had those words emblazoned on many a training journal and/or food diary in my life time!

BUT there are times where all the motivational messages over ride the most important voice you have

Your body!

I’ve been asked many a time if I have a “rest day” and the honest answer is that I don’t have a scheduled rest day BUT if my body ever tells me I need one then I take it without feeling any guilt.

But lately the voice inside my head that tells me to “do more, be more” has been yelling so loudly I can’t hear anything else.  Yesterday I knew I was tired, I struggled through Mr P.T’s amrap session and it took some hard negotiation skills for him to get me to find top gear.

I figured I was just tired from being up later than normal the previous night.

Fast forward to the afternoon and I head back to the gym to do a double RPM session .. well about two tracks into the first class I knew I was tired .. like more tired than a late night would make me.

But me being me I carried on did the double session with a little help from Mr Red Bull (thank goodness they were handing these suckers out!).

I figured I would go to bed extra extra early and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized however Elias seemed to have other ideas 😉 Lucky that kid is really really cute.

Anyway I woke up feeling like shite, nothing some strong coffee and pre workout can’t fix right? … Ummm apparently not

Mr P.T finds me and he explains the WOD which I tried to negotiate my way out of (he’s used to that) so then I start I get 5 reps away from the end of round one and he declares ..

“Right! We are starting again and this time I want you to go hell for leather”

At that point I wanted to burst into tears (not that wanting to cry is a new thing for me since Mr P.T entered my life) ..

I sat on the rower, head in my hands trying really hard to hold in the tears, then tried to negotiate smaller reps, different exercises – you name it, but Mr P.T wasn’t having a bar of it ..

He set the timer .. I rowed then he said

“Right Julz – Go home, go to bed, you my girl need some rest, you can smash this out next time – ok?”

I wanted to carry on, because I’m not a quitter but he put his foot down.  Then he “punished” me by rubbing my muscles with a golf ball – at that stage I did think, fark I should have just rowed faster.

And although I know he is right I find myself sitting here writing this blog arguing with myself about going home to rest and sucking it up and doing my scheduled training .. because well I can rest tomorrow .. right?

All the messages I see daily bombard my head.

“Push your boundries” “How bad do you want it?” “Make time not excuses”

and my resolve to rest waivers .. but when you spend an entire morning where everything makes you want to cry (even someone parking in your allocated carpark at work), youve got to think to yourself – perhaps some rest is in order.

So my blog peeps .. if you do not see a picture akin to this from me this afternoon

I give you permission to drive to Les Mills in the city and smack me across the head.

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    Yup, rest is a good thing some days! The other day I was a hungry, emotional disaster. A 90 minute nap later and I was a brand new woman. Hooray! 🙂
    Oh and that golf ball…yowie!

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