You can take the girl out of the arena

2013 was the year I chose to find some “balance” ..

Because as we all well know – I am an all or nothing kind of girl and if I love it (or you) I love with my entire being.

That’s the main reason Anna didn’t want me to become a Yogi this year .. she was scared I was going to get all bendy and eat raw food and give up smacking the shite out of a tyre with a sledgehammer ..

How she EVER thought I could give up kiwiyo for raw green stuff is beyond me, but there you go.

BUT I never thought me trying to find a balance would ever raise so many questions and the main one that astounds me is

“Don’t you like Ludus anymore?”


Ludus is not “a place where you go and train” –

I still remember the very first morning two years ago when I walked into the arena and introduced myself to Joe .. that morning he took me under his wing and into his Ludus community and as the saying goes “the rest is history”.

When I’m training “out in the world” I push myself beyond my limits because I’m “that Ludus girl” (and when I’m with Anna we become “those Ludus girls”) after all I can’t let those crossfitters think I’m soft – I’ve gotta represent!

So just like I carry a wee bit of Mr P.T inside my head when I’m training at Ludus – I carry Ludus with me in my heart when I train outside the arena.

And honestly? Where else would you find people who love you enough to do burpees with you, run through fire with you, drag you through electric shocks and patiently talk you over a cargo net while people scream your name?

Ludus is home, its where your heart is, it is where the people you love are and mostly it’s an ingrained sense of family and belonging.

Live – Love – Ludus
(and eat dessert, life is too short not to have desert)

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