Mini milestone

As you all should know I’m carrying some injuries – I know it’s not really a “new” thing in the world of Julia, but the ones I’m carrying at the moment have been hounding me more than the usual niggles I pick up along the way.

My shoulder (infra something or other) is shite so I haven’t been able to lift anything above my head and then there is the Achilles lumpy thickening thing which means I haven’t been able to run or jump – it’s coming back to you all now right? 😉

Anyway so those are the reasons I haven’t been training like a mad woman at Ludus – because while you can probably get away with not being able to lift above your head if you can run and jump it get’s a little tricky when you can’t do either (hence the reason I have Mr P.T to rehab me whilst whipping me into shape).

So, now you are all wondering why I’m repeating something you already know AND there is an actual reason it’s just that I always take the long way round (unless it involves running then I take the shortest route possible!) ..

I ran!

Well more like “ran” .. cause well what I term running isn’t exactly every bodies idea of running and I have a strange feeling if I actually “ran” in front of Mr P.T he would do the raised eyebrow thing (and he does actually have a “raised eyebrow thing” I might try and get a picture for you one day .. )

BUT whatever “run”, jog .. fast walkish/run thing .. I did it .. three days in a row .. I’m totally going to take that as a step forward in this whole rehab thing.

I’m also hoping that because I “ran” the calipers are going to grab less fat this week, my body seems to hate running enough that it drops fat in the hope that I will give up the aforementioned activity and get my arse to kiwiyo.

Till next time

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