OMG I did a burpee!

On Monday I received an email …

How was your first bootcamp session?

I gave an honest answer ..

Shoot was that today?!?! Lol umm well I’m sure it was great (for those who remembered)…

I couldn’t even use holiday brain as an excuse as I’d been back at work for an entire week by then. ūüėČ

After getting some clarification on where exactly in the Auckland Domain I needed to go, (the big eagle statue located at the back of the Museum – pictured)

I then HAD to turn up to the subsequent sessions because I didn’t have any excuse not too (other than the real possibility of sleeping in – which never used to be a problem, but ever since I’ve started working out in the mornings from home and just roll out of bed and workout in my pj’s I tend to sleep until the very last minute). ¬† So I set the alarm for way before I had to get up (otherwise it’s pointless having the snooze button), got dressed in actual work out gear (novel) and drove into the city, all before the sun rose to¬†meet up with Andy (from Southern Latitude Crossfit) and the 15 or so other boot campee’s – the meeting point being “near the eagle” in a very loosest sense of the word near .. nevertheless I made it on time and I found them!

The first session I attended included partner work and lot’s of running lengths of the field we were in – neither of which I enjoy. ¬† I also had to lunge up a huge hill whilst holding a sandbag (my arse still hates me) BUT on a positive note I did get to do burpees – although I was the only person who rejoiced. ¬† ¬†Honestly who are these people?!?!

I preferred today (being my second session) as there was much less running, although we still¬†worked in groups (I’m guessing that’s something that won’t change so I’ll have to work on my anti-socialness) but on a positive, there were even more burpees today than on Wednesday AND we crawled lengths instead of running them which in all honestly I prefer since I have the perfect build for crawling (and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty)¬†in fact I probably crawl faster than I run! ¬†Unless it’s a backwards lizard – even after many years I’m still too unco-ordinated to work that one out!

Anyhoo week one down (of four).

The positives;

  1. Burpees (obviously)
  2. They seem like a nice group of people (although I do wonder about their aversion to burpees)

The negatives;

  1. I can’t wear my pyjamas

I will say that after watching a couple of other groups who train in the same area I’m glad that I didn’t wake up before the sun and drive across town to join them – none of them look very happy to be alive – I bet they don’t even like burpees!

Till next time





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