Carpe Diem

My friend Andrea has the words Carpe Diem on her number plate and todays piece of motivational advice reminded me that I should in fact seize each day.

You see I started thinking about this when Dad got sick.  Dad was an extremely active man and as Ive mentioned before the strongest man I know.  Then came the cancer .. and Dad can no longer do many of the things he could before, so I need to remember that one day my body will not be as strong as it is now, that no matter how hard things get during my training or how tired I am because the kids havent slept (which means I havent slept) .. that I still have this body and it still works pretty good, so for that I will be thankful. 🙂

I’m actually really excited about this coming week!  I’ve been researching into how I can increase the number of pull ups I can do and have found some ideas that I will implement.

The first is “Just do it” .. so to increase my pull up numbers, I will do pull ups!

The second idea is negatives (so I will probably jump up to the highest point, then try and lower myself down slowly)

And finally, I will get assistance .. not the assisted machine, because that helps you too much, but I may use a swissball or a resistance band .. I will have to see about this one.

On other exciting news, I have been having photo shoot location discussions with my photographers … its going to be such fun!  So Im also embarking on a “don’t eat crap food” eating regime to ensure I look as good as I can, I dont expect swimsuit illustrated to call me anytime soon but I want to feel ive prepared for stripping down to a tiny bikini 🙂

So seize the day people!

Till next time


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  1. Emma says:

    LOL, I have Carpe Diem tattooed on my shoulder blade…

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