ABC’s of me (finale)

We made it!

The ABC’s of Julia concludes today.

*cheers of joy from the blog readers*

We finish up the series with the final (and perhaps hardest) letters in the alphabet, T, U, V, W, X, Y and of course last but not least Z.


Trail was an easy decision as it’s hands down what I like to do most (fitness wise).

Like I said in Wednesday’s blog post, it wasn’t until I started trail running that I could finally say “You know what? I actually like running” and on days like yesterday, when the sun was out (yet it was still cool) I’d go so far as to say “I love running” even when a good 2 kilometers of the track was mud so deep that your feet would get stuck in it so you had to kind of skirt along the edges.

The views makes it all worth it ..


This envelope holds my Half Blood Prince, Half Marathon medal and it remains unopened because I haven’t earned it yet.

That is the beauty of virtual runs – can’t do the event on the official day?  Sweet as – do it when you can.

I’ve put it off because I didn’t want to injure myself before heading down to Rotorua for the trail running event, so I’ll get onto earning my medal after that.


My favorite smell (after clean baby).


Love it!  Like actually!

I’m an Office Manager at a Marine Spraypainting company based in the central city (just down the road from Silo Park) right on the water (so my SUP lives there) and I’m lucky enough to work “Mum hours” which has afforded me the elusive work/life balance people so desire.

Like I said – Love it!  Like Actually!

XX Men

I really want to see the latest X-Men movie, although so far I haven’t wanted to see it so bad that I’ll brave the cold that has been our weekends. 😉


I’ve started doing yoga much more regularly again.  – I know, I know, I should have just kept practicing the first time around.

Along with “regular yoga sessions” I’ve also started doing morning yoga sessions the day after a scheduled run day as it really helps loosen up my stiff joints (especially my knees).  This morning I did two back to back.  The first is a really gentle no sweat yoga session and then I skip the savasana and go straight into this morning yoga flow.


Because it’s such a cool word and we should all live with Zeal!


fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor; enthusiastic diligence; ardor.

If you’ve missed any of the lists check them out here. ABC Week 1ABC Week 2ABC Week 3

Till next time





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