You may have noticed that yesterday I was conspicuously reticent to discuss my plans for this weekends It takes 2 to Tango competition in “public”.

Even though I had been given quite a shock during Tuesday mornings WOD when I jumped during the burpee set and my calf screamed WTF (loudly) I had decided that surely I could train myself to jump off my good leg and still compete. (stubborn much?).

Tuesday night I spent some time trying to work out how to jump without pain. I was semi successful, if I jump off my heels like you do during an Olympic lift I’m fine and I was pretty sure I could get away with stepping up instead of box jumping, but the thing that I couldn’t work out was how to run or skip.

BUT I hadn’t listened to any fat ladies singing lately so after I managed to nab an appointment at the Corrective Clinic for the following day I went along hoping that Graham would give me good news. Maybe he had some of that magic water the All Blacks trainers use when one of their men goes down on the field. They splash that water on them and then they are up and running again .. that’s just what I needed!

It turns out the magic water is top secret which is probably why the AB’s are world champions, can’t let everyone know about it! Graham’s only tools were his hands of steel and lots of needles #sigh

So the good news – Graham worked out in about 20 seconds why I keep injuring my calf and once it’s healed he can “train me” so that it doesn’t happen again #bonus

The bad news? … I get the “pleasure”of enduring the hands of steel and yet more needles for 2-3 weeks.

The even badder news? .. No running, no jumping ..

Maybe the Big G isn’t keen on me competing or maybe he’s just waiting for me to be in my “prime” before unleashing me , who knows .. I’ll just keep the faith and walk the path laid out before me.

The next step was to find a replacement me so that Jerome could still compete which was not exactly easy since we are in the beginners division, most people who are up for competing are “too advanced” to enter in the beginners.

Then just by chance the most fearless girl I know just happened to text me last night asking me how I was feeling about this weekend and if I would be ok.

I replied that I was out of action for 2-3 weeks and I had asked one of the girls who did the beginners division of the Birthday Games to replace me but I wasn’t hopeful of her saying yes. Offhandedly I asked “would you be keen?” and she said “sure I’ll do it if you get stuck”

This morning I sent her this ..

I am extremely thankful to know people who

  1. Look good in short shorts and long socks
  2. Will get up at stupid oclock even on weekends and most importantly;
  3. Will give it a go to help out a friend.

Watch out Tangoers this is the team to beat 🙂

I’m guessing if you read this blog you can work out from the short shorts and long legs that the new and improved me is Anna, what would I do without that girl!

I’ve assigned myself “manager” since I’ll be there anyway cheering them both on. I just saw the first WOD released and once again I had a wee sulk about not being able to compete but as my friend Suzanne said there is a comp out there with my name all over it. I just need to be patient.

If you are free this weekend please come down and cheer my team on and if you feel really sorry for me because I’m missing my very first crossfit competition feel free to buy me a Paleo brownie from the Fit Me In stand .. 😉

Till next time

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