Stronger is the new strong

The last couple of blog posts have probably been a bit of a downer to read, so today I’ve decided to keep things upbeat and share some good stuff.

So ..

I told you a few blog posts back that I’ve been “greasing the groove” which basically means I practice one particular movement often.

Although technically I have two movements I practice almost daily – overhead squats (which I’m going to talk about today) and handstands.

I practice overhead squats because having a heavy bar above my head while I squat scares me and I practice handstands because I find them fun and they balance out the suckfulness of having to do overhead squats. 😉

Anyway in the past two weeks my overhead squats have come along leaps and bounds! Last week my PB was 27.5 which is a huge achievement considering it took me months to work up the courage to use the girls olympic bars which weigh 15 kilos.

This week I was worried. I lifted last weeks PB weight and then I stood forlornly under the bar. All I could hear was Coach G’s voice ringing in my head “Every week the weight you lift should go up”.

Hmmm I’m not sure about that – 30 kgs? ..

I loaded the bar, stood under it, closed my eyes and before I chickened out I made a deal with myself that I’d just go for a single ..

When I lifted it off my shoulders and held it overhead I thought “f**k this is heavy” but again I consoled myself that I only had to do one rep ..

I did 3! 3 @ 30 kgs!

Now I just have to get those reps up .. but 3 @ 30 kgs? I’ll take that as a win!

Till next time

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