Catch up time

It’s Wednesday which means it is my friend Becks favorite day of the week because she gets to let out a loud wolf whistle.  I hope today’s recipient stands up to her exacting standards, he definitely does it for me!

But first things first .. lets do a catch up, I usually answer some questions on Tuesday, but I gave the entire post to Miss Stern and her counterparts so lets get to it.

Great!  I am pleased to announce that I have not had one sip since I posted that goal.  The first week was hard but I’m much better now .. I do miss the “fizz” though but not the taste.   A friend suggested I try sparkling mineral water so I might give that a go.


I've had none, nada, nothing, zilch!


My family is so supportive and patient!  James tries to ensure the kids are fed and happy by the time I get in, then we all have a quick hello and he whisks them off to the park so that I can cook my food and eat in peace, otherwise I have a small child (or two) helping themselves to my perfectly proportioned food.

Unfortunately I don’t get to train with James on a regular basis because I train when the kids have dinner so it gets quite complicated, however if I need him to help Mum comes to the rescue (as all Mums do).

Actually both my Mum and Dad rock .. they quite often have the kids so that James and I can do a Ludus session together, or so that James can come out with me on my last cardio of the night if its getting dark and scary.  Now if only I could get Mum to stop trying to “fatten me up” with her beyond AMAZING baking everything would be perfect. 😉

My Mum and Dad, foundation members of "Team Julia"

And finally ….

LOL – I could lie .. but I won’t.

I think its extremely affordable and it’s much more than a gym.  Ludus is a way of life and although it may seem strange to people who haven’t experienced it .. Ludus is a family.  We train hard together, encourage each other and do it all as a team.  After all, you are only as strong as your weakest link.   However when it comes to team games and tug of war .. losing is not an option!  😉

Pain is temporary, losing is forever! 😉


OK Becks .. it’s finally that time ….

I’ve actually met todays recipient of the “whistle” when I worked in the Viaduct area and he was in the America’s cup campaign.  We used to park our cars next to each other … It’s my claim to fame. 😉

Again, for me I think its the shoulders.  He was a grinder in the Americas Cup campaign, so you know that those shoulders are huge!   He is also super cute (his wife is a stunner too, but would you expect any different) 🙂

Till next time



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  1. Donloree says:

    Ok, I vote we have a Ludus weekend at Julia’s house. They could kick our butts, then we could go to the beach and sun tan in our bikinis and eat low carb/high protein meals. 🙂

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