That time again

It’s that time of the year again – Rugby season.

Although if you think about it Rugby season apparently  ends one weekend and starts again the following weekend, there seems to be a number of “leagues” and that run one after the other (as you can tell I am an “expert” in all things rugby *not*)

Anyway one of my girlfriends had an idea that we should get a group of girls together and head to Eden Park to watch our local team the Auckland Blues play.

I’m not a huge rugby fan, I blame my Dad because he used to watch any and all rugby games he could find on the TV every single weekend, heck Dad would be content watching replays of games from five years ago .. I kind of understand how Issy feels when she exclaims that my TV is boring and that she would prefer to watch Dora the Explorer but if I had to sit through 48 hours of rugby during my childhood I think she can manage an hour of news. 😉

Anyway I digress ..

Since I had been to some Rugby World Cup games I knew that being at the park could actually be quite fun so I set up an event on Facebook and invited anyone I thought may have a passing interest in watching big men in short shorts getting sweaty.

Incidentally I don’t know why Piri looks so pissed off in the photo above, The Blues are probably losing, they don’t seem to be having a great start to the season so far but I am SURE they will kick The Reds arses the night we go.

Anyway out of the group of girls who said they would come – we had some that actually enjoy rugby (so I guess they can enlighten the others as to what the hell is happening on the field), others that were going for the amazing company – oh and the food and drinks and some that were keen for a perve at all those athletic bods.

I am not disclosing which group I fit into ..

When girls discuss hot rugby guys there are the usual suspects – SBW, Richard Kahui, Richie McCaw, Dan Carter but my friend Mel thinks that today’s wolf is THE hottest rugby player in the land ..

Anyway bar Mel know who that is? ..

That picture might help but then again the face isn’t too clear, but it is still obvious he’s got a pretty find bod!

So if you guessed ..

Ali Williams – five gold stars to you (or five ferrero rocher, your choice – although you have to go buy your own)

I’ll let Mel drool over the screen now ..

Till next time

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