What a difference a vowel makes

Last night I had a swimming lesson with Haydn ..

And I’d like to say that my swimming lesson doesn’t involve some fit guy helping me float like that photo depicts that is TOTAL false advertising, thankfully that photo was not stolen off my coaches website because I’d be laying a complaint with Fair Go.

And on a side note does that woman have a top on? …

Anyway back to my story. My swimming lesson goes more along the lines of this ..

Haydn = “So swim four easy lengths to start”
Me = *Goes off and swims to other end of pool once at other end*
Haydn = “Why are you stopping? Are you having a coffee break?”
Me = “Oooooo did you bring coffee?”
Haydn *smacks head*

Yes I seem to have that affect on men ..

Anyhoo – so I’d text Haydn after a few of my swim sessions “gloating” that I had managed to swim 2k’s without stopping (disclaimer – I was wearing fins) so apparently that meant it was time to move up to the next level.

Haydn = “Have you swum with a pool boy before”
Me = *thinks* “No not that I recall and I am sure I would remember that”
Haydn = “Right I’ll just go grab you one” ..

Me = “Sweet”

I know … I know …

But alas no hunk o hunk of man to help me swim instead I get this …


At least it was purple – purple is Issy’s favorite color 😉

Till next time

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